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7 June 2020


SUBJECT: Policy on Equal Opportunity, Fair Treatment, and Respect for Human Dignity

1. PURPOSE: This policy states my firm commitment to maintain and enforce an environment and attitude in the 184th Wing which ensures all members are extended equal opportunity, fair treatment, and respect for their human dignity.

2. POLICY: The 184th Wing will provide equal opportunity, fair treatment, and respect for dignity of all members, irrespective of their color, national origin, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, or physical handicap(s). This policy includes all civilians with whom we work and associate with, and is in accordance with federal and state laws.

3. COMMANDER’S PHILOSOPHY: To be successful as a unit or as individuals, we must not engage nor tolerate any form of discrimination whatsoever. I demand all levels of leadership to be ever vigilant for any signs of these problems, and upon identification, take immediate corrective action to support this policy, to eliminate denial of equal opportunity, unfair treatment, or disrespect for any person’s dignity. Failure to support this policy seriously degrades our ability to reach maximum individual and unit potential and damages mission effectiveness. Follow the golden rule at all times: TREAT ALL PEOPLE THE SAME WAY YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED.

4. Any person who disregards this policy will be dealt with promptly and appropriate actions will be taken against proven offenders. Affected members may be assured they can seek help or redress without fear of reprisal.



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Local Information

Recruiting - 316-759-7424


Mailing Address:

52960 Jayhawk Dr.
McConnell AFB, KS 67221


Wichita Area Code – 316
Comm. Prefix – 759-XXXX
DSN Prefix – 743-XXXX
McConnell Operator – 6100
Weather Line – 1-800-892-526

Essential Numbers

184th Command Post – 759-7070
184th Force Support Sq. – 759-7431
184th Comptroller Flight – 759-7068
184th Sec. Forces Sq. – 759-7445
184th Medical Group - 759-7380
184th Public Affairs – 759-7561
Family Support Office – 759-7092
Director of Psych. Health – 759-8901
Sexual Assault Helpline – 759-7011
22nd Medical Group – 759-6300

Update your ID - 759-7431