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Welcome to The Merge


We’ve all been there. Good times, bad times, big life changes – you name it.

Most of the time you can handle what life throws your way, but there are times when you need help navigating.

Maybe you just need a quick answer. Maybe you need a point of contact. Or maybe, you have a serious issue and you don’t know where to turn.

Fortunately, the 184th Wing has people available to help you through it all. These people specialize in different areas of expertise, but together they have one goal in mind – helping you.

They are your go-to team for strength, guidance and resources. This all-in-one agency is called The Merge.

“The Merge provides full spectrum support and resources to the entirety of the Fighting Jayhawk family – thus contributing to increased resiliency, mission readiness and overall wellbeing of our Wing,” said Col. Michael Venerdi, former commander of the 184th Wing.


Surviving and Thriving...Connect with the Merge.



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Who is assigned to The Merge?

The offices assigned to The Merge are listed below. They’re all located on the Air National Guard side of McConnell Air Force Base.

Even though each office has its own specialized purpose, you can go to any of them for guidance. If they recognize that another office can help you better, they’ll introduce you to that entity.


The offices assigned to The Merge include:




  • The Director of Psychological Heath

    • Building 65, Room 122

    • 316-759-8901

  • Airman and Family Readiness Office

    • Building 65, Room 115

    • 316-759-7092

  • Yellow Ribbon Coordinator

    • Building 65, Room 114

    • 316-759-7064

  • Chaplains Office

    • Building 65, Room 111

    • 316-759-7030

  • ‚ÄčLegal Office

    • Building 65, Room 106

    • 316-759-7032



  • Equal Opportunity Office

    • Building 65, Room 107

    • 316-759-7048

  • Area Defense Counsel

    • Building 65, Room 106

    • 316-759-7032

  • Sexual Assault Response Coordinator

    • Building 65, Room 136A

    • 316-759-7011

  • Human Resource Advisor

    • Building 65, Room 108

    • 316-759-7023







Why is it called The Merge?

The Merge is a concept used in air battle management. In air combat, aerial warfighters engage with enemy aircraft by steering their plane toward the adversary. This maneuver is referred to as “going to the merge.”

The same concept can be applied to normal life. As warfighters, when we face challenges such as daily stressors, career difficulties, legal concerns or anything else life can throw at us, we should also face those challenges by going to the merge.

The Merge at the 184th Wing is a team of offices that collaborate to answer your questions, offer guidance, and connect you with resources that fit your needs.


Never go to the fight alone.

Go to The Merge with Wingmen who have your back!