About the 184th Wing

The 184th Wing is a collection of smaller organizations with very diverse responsibilities. The wing is assigned to the Kansas Air National Guard and its main complex is located at McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita. The wing also has two squadrons located at Smoky Hill Weapons Range near Salina.

The 184th Wing is separated into five groups which include the 184th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group, the 184th Cyberspace Operations Group, the 184th Regional Support Group, the 184th Mission Support Group and the 184th Medical Group.




184th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group

The 184th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group conducts near-real-time observation missions in support of global operations. They communicate with specialized aircraft that transmit multiple sources of data back to McConnell Air Force Base.

Teams of analysts interpret the data from video and images to provide warfighters timely and accurate information about the battlefield. They communicate directly with combat ground forces and air crews. Their main objective is to look at videos and images of operational environments and tell the decision makers on the ground what they see.

In addition to their combat operations, the 184th ISRG supports first responders during time of disaster. They analyze commercial satellite imagery and provide up-to-date information about open emergency routes, flooded areas, wildfire/wind directions and storm damage.

The 184th ISRG is made up of three squadrons—the 161st Intelligence Squadron, the 184th Intelligence Support Squadron and the 184th Operations Support Squadron.




184th Cyberspace Operations Group

The 184th Cyberspace Operations Group is the newest group assigned to the wing. It consists of three squadrons that employ the latest technology to protect Air Force entities from cyber-attacks. These squadrons include the 127th Cyberspace Operations Squadron, the 177th Information Aggressor Squadron and the 299th Network Operations Security Squadron.

The 299th Network Operations Security Squadron serves as the gatekeeper to the entire Air Force computer network. It’s one of three organizations of its kind in the Air Force, and the only one in the Air National Guard. The squadron employs equipment such as routers, switches and servers to provide intricate layers of cyber protection throughout the whole Air Force enterprise.



To test those layers of protection, the 177th Information Aggressor Squadron mimics adversaries who want to break into the network. These Airmen learn the latest intrusion techniques used by enemy forces, whether they’re rival governments or lone wolf hackers. They then employ those techniques against Air Force cyber defenders to exploit weaknesses. After completing their mission, they educate the defenders about how to make the defensive postures even stronger and protect against real attacks.

In the 127th Cyberspace Operations Squadron, Information Technology professionals use specialized software to locate and remove virtual adversaries who managed to breech the layers of cyber defense. Once the bad players are dealt with, the squadron repairs and strengthens the defensive strata, and continues monitoring the network for enemy activity.




184th Regional Support Group

The 184th Regional Support Group contains three ground-based squadrons that provide communication directly to warfighters within their area of responsibility. They work with all branches of the military while managing airspace traffic within a battlefield. The three squadrons assigned to the group are, the 134th Air Control Squadron, the 284th Air Support Operations Squadron, and Detachment 1, Smoky Hill Weapons Range.

The 134th Air Control Squadron speaks directly to pilots and air crews to manage all of the air traffic within a battlefield. They do this by deploying to combat environments worldwide. Without the squadron’s guidance, air attacks and maneuvers would be chaotic, uncoordinated and ineffective. The squadron accomplishes their mission by using military-grade ground radar and radio frequency communications technology.



Airmen assigned to the 284th Air Support Operations Squadron are part of the Air Force, but integrate into Army units during combat operations. They also speak directly to pilots and air crews, but instead of managing an entire airspace battlefield, they coordinate pin-point, close air attacks as directed by the Army unit’s commander. The 284th ASOS is located at Smoky Hill Weapons Range near Salina, Kansas.

Detachment 1 is the organization that manages and maintains Smoky Hill Weapons Range. Combat aircraft from all U.S. military branches, but primarily Air Force, use the range to practice air-to-ground attack maneuvers. Army and other ground force units also use the range to practice military tactics, techniques and procedures. Smoky Hill is the largest bomb range operated by the Air National Guard.




184th Mission Support Group

The 184th Mission Support Group provides a variety of support functions to all areas within the wing. The five organizations assigned to the group are, the 184th Force Support Squadron, the 184th Civil Engineer Squadron, the 184th Security Forces Squadron, the 184th Logistics Readiness Squadron and the 184th Communications Flight.

The 184th Force Support Squadron has two primary functions—Personnel and Services. The Personnel department handles most of the administrative actions for all Airmen assigned to the wing. These action include enlistments, promotions, formal training, separations and retirements. The Services department provides meals, fitness, recreation, morale and mortuary.



The 184th Civil Engineer Squadron is the construction crew of the wing. When it comes to construction projects, there’s nothing this squadron can’t do. They build and maintain Air Force base facilities, conduct chemical and biological warfare detection, and carry out rapid repair operations if their base is attacked. In addition to combat operations, the Civil Engineers participate in many humanitarian missions across the globe.

The 184th Logistics Readiness Squadron is responsible for getting equipment and personnel to their destinations. They pride themselves in delivering to the right places, on time; every time. They manage shipping and receiving; fix and maintain government vehicles, and conduct supply warehouse operations. They also coordinate military cargo airlifts for deploying personnel and equipment.



The 184th Security Forces Squadron provides on-base security and law enforcement. These warriors are responsible for protecting Airmen and resources, defending air bases around the globe and training military members on the use of small arms. During domestic operations, the squadron provides support to civilian law enforcement agencies in response to natural or man-made disasters, and civil unrest.

The Information Technology professionals assigned to the 184th Communications Flight manage and maintain the computer network for the 184th Wing and Smoky Hill Weapons Range. This organization provides computer network infrastructure components, hardware and software, that are vital to all operations within the wing. The wing’s operational success depends heavily on this organization.




184th Medical Group

The 184th Medical Group provides medical services to all members assigned to the wing which include medical, dental and vision care, during drill weekends and at deployed locations. They also administer medical records, offer nutritional health plans and render bio-environmental services.

The group often deploys on global humanitarian missions to provide aid to impoverished countries that don’t have access to medical services. These professionals also provide medical assistance in response to disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes or other domestic operations.


184th Headquarters Group

The 184th Wing Staff, often referred to as the Headquarters Group, provides financial services and accounting, news media, spiritual guidance, legal assistance, equal opportunity management, safety administration, inspection readiness and command post services for the entire wing.


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Local Information

Recruiting - 316-759-7424


Mailing Address:

52960 Jayhawk Dr.
McConnell AFB, KS 67221


Wichita Area Code – 316
Comm. Prefix – 759-XXXX
DSN Prefix – 743-XXXX
McConnell Operator – 6100
Weather Line – 1-800-892-526

Essential Numbers

184th Command Post – 759-7070
184th Force Support Sq. – 759-7431
184th Comptroller Flight – 759-7068
184th Sec. Forces Sq. – 759-7445
184th Medical Group - 759-7380
184th Public Affairs – 759-7561
Family Support Office – 759-7092
Director of Psych. Health – 759-8901
Sexual Assault Helpline – 759-7011
22nd Medical Group – 759-6300

Update your ID - 759-7431