Congratulations, seniors! You made it through high school! Now what?


Some of you may have college ambitions. Or, maybe vocational school is more appealing. Some of you may not even have a plan and you’re waiting for the right opportunity to present itself.

Good news! The Kansas Air National Guard is perfect for all of you.

Your Path

If you plan on going to college, let the Kansas Air National Guard fund your dreams. With programs like the Montgomery GI Bill, a kicker for certain careers, state tuition assistance and monthly drill pay, the Air Guard can take financial pressure off of you, so you can focus on academic success.

If the college route isn’t for you but you want to learn a trade, get started with the Kansas Air National Guard. The same financial benefits used for universities can also be used for accredited vocational schools. These schools are great for those entering the medical field, construction industry, airplane manufacturing and more.

The 184th Intelligence Wing proudly partners with the colleges and vocational schools in the local area.

Don’t have a plan? We can help. The Kansas Air National Guard offers more than 50 career paths of which many are in high demand; no experience necessary. We provide all-expenses-paid, vocational school-level, technical training.

Upon graduation from Air Force technical training, you’ll understand the basic principles and techniques of your job, and you’ll come home to the 184th Intelligence Wing in Wichita for even more on-the-job training.

The knowledge and experience you gain through our training will put you ahead of the competition when applying for civilian jobs.

Career Opportunities

Speaking of jobs in high demand, many of our part-time jobs directly relate to IT professions, network security and national security career fields; three of the fastest growing industries in the nation. Here are five examples of what the 184th Intelligence Wing offers.




Geospatial Intelligence Analyst
Our most critical intelligence comes from keen eyes spotting miniscule details in aerial imagery. It takes a sharp mind and strong eye for detail to spot hidden dangers from a satellite image, but that’s what you’ll be capable of as a Geospatial Intelligence Analyst.

As the eyes of the intelligence community, you’ll analyze imagery from various sources to discern the innocuous from the dangerous. After your training, you’ll perform intelligence activities that support world-wide warfighting operations.

Digital Network Intelligence Analyst
Timely and accurate intelligence is one of the best weapons any military can possess. Digital Network Intelligence Analysts, also called Fusion Analysts, determine the value and implications of information they receive from targeted cyber networks.

Through research and assessment, these specialists gauge the impact of the information and distribute their findings to high-level decision-makers. You’re efforts and skill ensure the safety of our Airmen and our country.

Cyber Systems Operations Specialist
The Air National Guard relies heavily on advanced computer and software systems, so it is paramount to keep those systems safe. Your job as a Cyber Systems Operations Specialist is to install, support and maintain servers and other computer systems for continuous network operations.

You’ll configure our IT systems to ensure they operate properly and remain secure from outside intrusion. You’ll also use the latest technology while building our computer and software systems, and ensure they’re secure from enemy cyber-attacks.

Cyber Transport Systems Specialist
In the Air National Guard, maintaining our IT communications systems is integral to mission success. That’s why we need Cyber Transport Systems Specialists to install, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair network infrastructure systems and equipment.

In this role, you’ll manage computer components and systems with the most current software and tools. You’ll also implement and maintain all aspects of cyber network systems using technical data, diagnostic tools and restoration techniques to keep commanders and warfighters online.

Tactical Air Control Party
There are few things that can change the course of battle like a properly executed air strike.

Tactical Air Control Party Specialists are Ranger and Airborne qualified, proficient in air assault, scuba operation, and various parachute tactics, and able to maintain the highest physical and mental standards. TACP Specialists are imbedded on the front lines among Army and Marine Special Force units to provide U.S. and allied forces with close air support for ground attack fighters.

As a TACP Specialist, you and your team engage enemy forces using advanced technologies and weapon systems to direct air strikes. You control and execute air and space power, and may operate in the most austere combat environments.


Your Opportunity

If you’re waiting for an opportunity to present itself, it just did. You worked hard to graduate high school, great job! Now get a head start on your future by joining the Kansas Air National Guard.

To contact a recruiter, just click here to fill out the contact form and let them know you’re interested. Or call them at 316-759-7424.



Local Information

Recruiting - 316-759-7424


Mailing Address:

52960 Jayhawk Dr.
McConnell AFB, KS 67221


Wichita Area Code – 316
Comm. Prefix – 759-XXXX
DSN Prefix – 743-XXXX
McConnell Operator – 6100
Weather Line – 1-800-892-526

Essential Numbers

184th Command Post – 759-7070
184th Force Support Sq. – 759-7431
184th Comptroller Flight – 759-7068
184th Sec. Forces Sq. – 759-7445
184th Medical Group - 759-7380
184th Public Affairs – 759-7561
Family Support Office – 759-7092
Director of Psych. Health – 759-8901
Sexual Assault Helpline – 759-7011
22nd Medical Group – 759-6300

Update your ID - 759-7431