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  • Wichita Declares May 17, 2022, the 184th Wing Appreciation Day

    Wichita Mayor Brandon Whipple read a proclamation declaring May 17, 2022, as 184th Wing Appreciation Day during a city council meeting at City Hall. The proclamation highlighted the 184th Wing’s contributions to Wichita and the state of Kansas.The proclamation reads as follows:PROCLAMATIONOfThe City

  • Commander's Comments: Andover Tornado

    Jayhawks,We want to thank you for your poise and strength as we witnessed the destruction from Friday’s tornado in Andover. You were ready to respond at a moment’s notice. Our fellow Kansans know they can rely on the 184th Wing when called upon.We also want to thank you for your patience during the

  • Chance. Choice. Impact. How Today’s Actions Affect Our Future

     Each day we have two primary opportunities for excellence. A chance and a choice.Each situation or interaction that we encounter starts with a chance and ends with a series of choices that lead to personal and institutional accountability.The chances that we start with are built on hope,